Griffins Perch

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Dragons and griffins clash in this epic fantasy saga.

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Author:Ian Conner

In this epic fantasy saga, a wizard and an apprentice, with the assistance of a world of legendary creatures, battle to take down Daniel, a wizard gone rogue, power-hungry and determined to wreak havoc on the world.

When the most powerful wizards in the land are turned into dragons by an evil wizard transgressor, a quest ensues to end a treacherous war. An army of griffins and their riders are scrambled to take down the masterful dragons and save the land from death and destruction. Denrael, leader of the Silver Order, is the polar opposite of Daniel of the Dark Wood.

Calm, focused and driven, Denrael stands guard over the forests and their inhabitants. Daniel, an unpredictable and arrogant wizard, is determined to seek revenge on Denrael and release evil into the world. His plans to use chaos as a base to improve the world are thwarted by Denrael, triggering Daniel to seek the power to destroy everything.

Five vicious dragons are unleashed on the world, destined to cause devastation for a thousand years.


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