Promise Me

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Daniel is a widower and has given up on love. When he meets Bianca, his whole life changes. Yet, she harbours more than one secret.

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Author:Barbara Avon

When Daniel Walker’s wife, Amy, died in a freak accident, he gave up on love.

He bought Joe’s Grocery & Deli, and transformed it into “The Christmas Store” to honour her, and her love of Christmas.

One snowy night, a woman knocks on the door. Daniel is immediately taken with the dark-haired beauty. Bianca is in possession of a key. She traveled from Toronto to Ottawa to unravel the mystery behind the magic relic. She didn’t think she would fall in love along the way.

When she is diagnosed with a terminal illness, what choices will she make to preserve their love?

Is Daniel her future or will she leave him in the past?

Does magic have limitations?

Set between 1980 and 1990, “Promise Me” is “a most unusual love story, and one you won’t soon forget.”


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