The Notch

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An unsettling supernatural thriller; The Notch is based in the stunning countryside of rural Wales, and closely explores infidelity, domestic abuse, murder, and the painful intricacies of being forced to face our demons.

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Author:Lucy Haughey

The Notch is the first novel, but second book, from Narcissistic Abuse Expert & Survivor, L.W Hawksby.

Inspired by the strange & tragic death of a woman on the Welsh mountain range of Tryfan, in 2016, The Notch explores Domestic Homicide, addictions, abuse, infidelity & grief via 4 main characters & the secrets they unearth as life brings all of them together after the suspicious death of Alice high up on The Notch.

Written in the first person narrative, The Notch is compelling, triggering & haunting. Hearing a man’s thoughts as he plots to kill his wife & justify it, will have you up into the wee small hours desperate for the other 3 characters to instill justice!


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