The Price of Partisanship

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Alex Conway takes his revenge on Congress.

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Author:Ian Conner

The Price of Partisanship follows Alex Conway after losing his wife, Carly, and his daughter, Amelia, during the government shutdown.

Fed up with partisanship, corruption, and gridlock in Washington that killed his family, Conway seeks his revenge against those responsible for the death of his family and those who have stolen the government from the people.

With unlimited resources and a liver cancer diagnosis, Alex Conway wages war on the Senate and House.

Along the way, he encounters Tara Snow, who both shares his drives and complicates his mission immeasurably.

Conway orchestrates the press feeding them information to expose politicians corruption. Pursued by journalist Amy Radigan and a specialized unit of the FBI, Conway and his unlikely partner, Tara Snow, evade both while executing both their murderous plans for the corrupt Senate and House members responsible for the death of their families.

Readers will find themselves rooting for the pair and asking, “who are the real bad guys?”


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