Anthony Toledo

Anthony Toledo

I’ve been writing since I was a child. I’ve had my own poetry website for almost twenty years now ( I have traveled the world and I’m an Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom veteran. I run my own travel blog ( I am working on my third book, which is an autobiography that will cover my background in detail. The Alchemist Web..a path to Enlightenment… is my evolutionary theory of consciousness and the soul. This book is the guiding doctrine for Spiritual Alchemy Foundation of Enlightenment Inc. and a way of life for me. I am President of Spiritual Alchemy Foundation of Enlightenment Inc., a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to spiritual awareness by way of education, community outreach and creative resources. The Nonprofit was established based on the book and vise versa.

My second book, “Echoes of the Soul: 25 Years of Poetry”, is a collection of over one hundred and forty poems that I have written over the span of a quarter century. My next book will complete the Spiritual Alchemy trilogy and will be released before the end of 2020.

My third book concludes The Spiritual Alchemy Trilogy; an autobiography with a unique coaching plan to combat societal narcissism. A look into my background and my heart after God.

My forth book comes full circle after the first three books. The truth finally becomes apparent and revealed to me through the only way to God, the truth above all truths and the only path, Jesus Christ. Christian Alchemy is not a creation of a new belief, but my path to Orthodox Christianity and how I finally found God’s infallible word in the Holy Bible.

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