Celso Montemar

Celso Montemar

Celso Montemar was born in Santiago, Chile, some decades ago.

He based his school experiences of the 80s in that South American country to write Las Pruebas de Iván (Ivan’s Tests), a city life novel for the family and juvenile readers (8-12 years). Las Pruebas de Ivan was originally published in Spanish (2012) after being a finalist on a book contest (Chile, 2008).

The author is married to a talented baker wife and they have three children who attend a Montessori school. Celso Montemar is the pen name of Juan C. Castro-Alonso, an Associate Researcher at Universidad de Chile, currently investigating and publishing academic articles and book chapters on educational psychology and multimedia STEM learning.

His latest academic news is available on https://drcriscastro.com and on Twitter (@DrCrisCastro).

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