David John Griffin

David John Griffin

David John Griffin is a writer, graphic designer and app designer, and lives in a small town by the Thames in Kent, UK with his wife Susan and two dogs called Bullseye and Jimbo. He is currently working on the first draft of his fourth novel.

His first novel published by Urbane Publications in October 2015 is called The Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb. The second is a literary/psychological novel, entitled Infinite Rooms. His novella and collection of short stories called Two Dogs At The One Dog Inn And Other Stories was published in January 2017 by Urbane Publications. One of his short stories was shortlisted for The HG Wells Short Story competition 2012 and published in an anthology. He has had two more stories published in other anthologies.

David’s on-going mission as an author is to produce absorbing, page-turning stories with a literary depth. His novels, with genres covering mystery, gothic and psychological, always have elements of magical realism within. He also writes short stories and at the end of each, aims for that surprising “twist in the tail”.

David John Griffin’s website is: www.davidjohngriffin.com

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