Frederick Russ has studied with several spiritual teachers, shaman, intuitive practitioners and mentors nearly all of his life.

An avid meditator, Frederick began his journey October 1978 and had a spiritual awakening in March 2018 after which he penned “Warrior Wisdom: Alkaemy of the Soul” where all of the inner work over many years culminated into an outward spiritual manifestation.

Using a technique known to shaman as “journeying”, where one minute in “non-ordinary reality” equals in depth and experience to one hour of earth time, Frederick embarked on 7 hour journey during a Shamanic Retreat in Sedona, Arizona, to completely crack open spiritually into a higher awareness free of fear, anxiety, depression and suffering.

Frederick created his own healing practice to help people using the modalities he learned over 40 years of shamanism, energy work, past life healing, entity extraction and support before, during and after the event of a spiritual awakening within his clients.