Max Wells
Max Wells / Historical fiction author

Who am I? That is a question I have asked myself for many years, and still have no answer. Each day is a new experience, some good, some not so good, but each a lesson that needs to be learned. Writing novels in my opinion must be based upon some life experiences, otherwise they cannot be real and capture the emotions to share with you. Perhaps that is why Hemingway was so great, he lived as he wrote.

I write fiction, but that fiction has a foundation in truth. For example my novel Exempt, is historical fiction based upon my friendship with the young man who was responsible for JFK winning the Presidency. The truth was then exposed in a way never before or since revealed.

The genre I most love is that; a blending of truths, many never before exposed, with their story, the people who lived it, adding things and people who make it real, allow you to not only read it, but live it with them. My writing is like a trip to the zoo, most people do not go to a zoo just to see the monkeys, they want to enjoy all the various creatures. I love to write about all interesting people, regardless of status, gender, or faith. If there is a real story, a fascinating story that needs to be told, I wish to tell it, and I hope you will enjoy reading, and living it as I do writing it.

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