Michael’s passions for reading and creative writing inspired him to devour everything from contemporary novels to classical literature. As a high school student, he wrote poetry for his own enjoyment. That joy blossomed into a zeal for creative writing that would not be contained. Composing poetry rippled into short fiction writing that led to the literary path of creating short stories, novels and screenplays over the years.

Michael has studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Point Park University, Sonoma State University, and Portland State University in an effort to perfect his craft. The beauty of this mythical quest for perfection has cemented into his psyche the good old-fashioned ABC principle of writing (Applying Butt to Chair). A visit from the Muse is also essential. Nothing motivates Michael more to put pen to paper than passion. Without it, he would not be a writer. His writings have appeared in Door Is A Jar, The Hungry Chimera, Universal Oneness, THEMA, Potluck Mag, Taj Mahal Review, Inwood Indiana (Ditch ’em), Crack The Spine, African Voices Magazine, The Storyteller and Spindrift 2000.

Michael R. Lane is the founder of Bare Bones Press. He is a published poet and writer who turned to Indie Publishing. His novels include the C. J. Cavanaugh mystery series and The Family Stone. His short story collections are “Emancipation” and “UFOs and God.” He has also penned four books of poetry, “Love & Sensuality,” “Mortal Thoughts,” “Sandbox,” and “A Drop of Midnight.”