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To sell books, you need to market them and continually promote them. We take that demanding job off your hands, giving you more time to get on with your writing.

For a one-off payment of just $99, we’ll continually promote your book and you as an author all year round to our 100,000+ social media followers, including:

✔ Twitter – @IndieBookMart, @IndieBook, and @IndieBookLift


TikTok (including a short promotional video that we create for you)



✔ On email to our Book Club members

Your book will get its own exclusive web page, which includes:

✔ Detailed and short description of your book to entice buyers

✔ Book images optimised for sharing on social media (these are yours to keep and use for your own promotion)

✔ SEO for your book title, which will help organic visibility over time

✔ Ability for readers to leave reviews for your books (we’ll add these to your promotions at no extra cost)

✔ A direct and universal link to your book sales page eg. Amazon, which means that readers will be taken to the Amazon store in their own country (if you are selling on Amazon). You can use your own sales page if your book is on sale elsewhere

✔ Niche tags so buyers can discover your book easier when browsing our store

Opportunities for author interviews, which will appear on this site and be added to your promotions

All future promotional upgrades included

You’ll also get your own author page, where we can list all your other books if you are uploading more than one!

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I’m so glad I chose to place my titles through the Indie Book Store. Patric has created a professional-looking format that automates book marketing, taking one more task off my plate. As an author in the United States, my books sales also show that my books have found an audience abroad through using this service, which brings me great joy. If you’re an author who prefers writing to marketing, the Indie Book Store is the answer. Highly recommended.

Molly Cantrell-Kraig / Author, speaker and life coach (featured on CNN & BBC)

Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you’re doing. We’ve sold a number of audiobooks recently and I’m sure that it’s down to your efforts.

JE Clarkson / Indie author

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