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Vincent Panettiere: From sports writer to award-winning novelist

“I always wanted to write novels, but never believed that I could,” says author Vincent [...]

How to write 10,000 words a week

If you want to get serious about your writing, you will need to make time [...]

Laura Kemp: A Novel Opportunity

Laura Kemp went freelance when she had her first child. Since then, she’s written six [...]

Featured Author: Caitlin Lynagh

Congratulations on your latest book release Quantum Messenger Can you let our readers have a [...]

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Featured author: Paul Smyth

Paul Smyth has worked as a commercial news videographer but his book Deliveries was created [...]


Tea With Coffee Media

Marketing Packages Authors hate to hear it, but it’s something we have to embrace: If [...]

Car Park

Ron Brown was at the beach car park by 6.30am that morning. Like every other [...]


Author Interview: Elle Vanzel

Elle Vanzel is a happily married, curvy experimenter who has always wanted to write erotica. [...]