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Tea With Coffee Media

Marketing Packages Authors hate to hear it, but it’s something we have to embrace: If you want to share your words beyond your immediate community, you have to actively promote your book. We tailor each book marketing service to your goals, your genre, and your skill level. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining your […]

Car Park

Ron Brown was at the beach car park by 6.30am that morning. Like every other morning. Like every other morning for the last 29 years, 6 months, and 3 days. Except today was the end. But it was also the beginning. It would be the last Monday morning that Ron would ever work as the […]

Author Interview: Elle Vanzel

Elle Vanzel is a happily married, curvy experimenter who has always wanted to write erotica. Her stories are a mix of her experiences, fantasies, and research Are you self-published or published? I’m self-published by choice and have not even attempted to seek an agent or publisher. That would require giving up too much control! If you […]

Author Interview: A.E. Bennett

Set during the return of the Hale-Bopp comet, the Serrulata Saga is a dystopian sci-fi/fantasy adventure you won’t want to miss Are you self-published or published? Hello, I’m Bennett! I’m a self-published indie author. My series, the Serrulata Saga, is dystopian sci-fi/fantasy, but I also have a prequel romance novella coming out on December 1! […]

How to sell more books at Christmas

If there’s one time of year when you want to sell more books, it’s the few months leading up to Christmas. Amazon’s UK sales soared by 51% to $26.5bn in 2020, mostly due to the pandemic forcing people to stay at home and shop online. And if you’ve got your book listed on Amazon, you’ll […]

Featured Author: Laura Strobel

Laura Strobel was born in New York City and grew up in Connecticut. She studied journalism at Hunter college in Manhattan and was a freelance writer in Colorado Are you self-published or published? Yes, I self-published my book Accountability with Amazon on October 25, 2020. If you are not a full-time writer, do you/have you […]

Featured Author: Caitlin Lynagh

Congratulations on your latest book release Quantum Messenger Can you let our readers have a brief synopsis? Quantum Messenger is set around 2060 and is told from the point of view of a robot, Apollo XR. Apollo discovers that it can think independently of its programmed responses, effectively developing the first AI soul. It has […]

Featured author: Paul Smyth

Paul Smyth has worked as a commercial news videographer but his book Deliveries was created from real-life experiences For Canadian author Paul Smyth, writing his first book has been a labour of love. Taking seven years to complete, Deliveries tells the tale of bush-pilot Paul Jackson, whose routine flight quickly erodes into an airborne nightmare […]

Featured Author: CG Barrie

Author Chris Barrie has worked as a freelance editor and copywriter in a series of blogs and magazine articles over the last year. His writing is primarily science fiction about the five royal families of Obsidia, long exiled on Earth and dedicated to protecting their adopted home against a mysterious evil who strives to enslave […]

Books to knock your Sockz off

Author Erica Willmott tells The Indie Book Store how a Christmas present for her uncle inspired her to write for children Often, the best ideas come when you’re least expecting it. For writer Erica Willmott, it took 30 pairs of brightly-coloured socks, one uncle and one washing machine to come up with the idea for […]