The Prophecy of the Exiled Rogue

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The Prophecy of The Host answers questions about life, death, and beyond and holds the key to saving humanity.

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Author:Sandeep Adnani

The year is 2060.

They come together to celebrate a milestone, a part of a prophecy that none of them knew about.

Twenty-one years earlier…

The Host has left Planet Earth. He will learn about the prophecy and the part he played in it. He also discovers what comes after Planet Mother. As he traverses the new world, he undertakes a complex responsibility but not before he is introduced to a profound concept which explains why humans conduct their lives the way they do.

Join Zhang Wei, Matthew, Tristan, Aurora, Maya and Sid as they fulfil their roles in a prophecy that will alter the course of the world, in the concluding part of The Exiled Rogue series.

The Prophecy of the Exiled Rogue will answer questions that have perplexed mankind for millennia!


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