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James Raquepau


James Raquepau
Author of Irish fantasy


While earning a degree in English – Creative Writing at Eastern Michigan University, James started his career working in the information technology sector. In the 1990s, with his education and creative side still driving him, he began developing the storyline for a series of books based in Celtic Ireland, which came to be named Dàn Cycle (aka Destiny Cycle).

The opening novel in this semi-historical series was first published in 2001. That edition has been rewritten and expanded into two novels, replacing the original work. Lann Dàn – Blades of Destiny: Dàn Cycle One is available now. The second novel, Lia Dàn – Stone of Destiny, is expected by the end of March 2024. The third novel, Ćroí Dàn – Heart of Destiny, is underway and is expected to be published by August 2024. The fourth novel, Laoch Dàn – Warriors of Destiny, and the fifth novel, Leannáin Dàn – Lovers of Destiny, are projected for 2025.

The premise is: What if the Gaels of Ireland could change the history of the world by changing the Isle of Erin’s timeline? And Britain’s, starting with Rome’s first-century invasion? It would take a Hero and the Tuatha Gods who backed her to make that happen.

Welcome to Dàn Cycle, or in English, Destiny Cycle!

I hope you enjoy reading this adventure as much as I did while creating it. It is where Gaels Rule!

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