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Clive Warner


Clive Warner
Thriller author


Clive Warner (1947-) was born in Sefton, Merseyside. He grew up in Hightown, a village north of Liverpool. Clive became a broadcast engineer and installed radio stations and other equipment in over 30 countries, where he had many adventures, some of which were lucky escapes from probable death: like the time he drove a rental car into a class 4 tornado in Texas. There can’t be many people alive who have stepped out of their car in the middle of a class 4, looked up, and seen the blue-sky ‘eye’ at the top.

Clive’s first book, “Appointment in Samara” an international action-adventure was published in 2002 by Barclays Books (FL). His science-fiction novel, Rebody, came out in 2007. He published a guide for Heart Bypass patients, “Heart Bypass – The Road Map” in 2007.

Clive has just launched “When Things Go Bang” on Kindle. His memoir of the international broadcasting business is complete and waiting for the front cover art. These days he lives in Mexico with his wife, daughter, and two Springer spaniels.

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