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Steve Mullaney


Steve Mullaney
Thriller author


Steve Mullaney has spent his career in technical and leadership roles in the IT industry. He is an avid runner, snow skier, and cycling enthusiast. He is a bourbon aficionado, and has two cats; a male and a female aptly named Basil and Hayden.

An author of psychological thrillers with unforeseen endings, Steve’s writing style is what he calls believable fiction or realistic fiction, making the unbelievable truly believable. His stories leverage, or even exploit, a human weakness in the main character as he weaves in sufficient realistic details to make the story truly believable, and most of the places described in his books can actually be visited. Along with unexpected endings, main characters that meticulously plan and forge ahead regardless of cost and consequences have become his trademark.

Upcoming works include a fascinating story about a serial killer. It is a classic struggle of good versus evil, except the struggle is within one person. Can his sister save him; can she save him from being the monster their abusive alcoholic father helped shape? And what about Matthew’s argument with God, can that conversation redeem him? Of course there is that ending the reader never sees coming.

His current work in progress involves one of the age old questions for murder: money. There is infidelity, plotting, scheming, and killing for money, which unbeknownst to the perpetrators does not exist.

And don’t even get him started talking about the book with the politicians …

By the way, Steve did write a non-fiction book about PTSD. That is not a psychological thriller, though it can certainly stir emotions.

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