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S Nambiath Nambiath


S Nambiath Nambiath
Science fiction author


The author discovered a large cupboard filled with books at his grandma’s farm in the village. Books that had been bought by his dad’s uncle, an English teacher, to which his dad had added substantially. Now, visits to Granny’s farm were only once a year and never more than 10 days long, what with the many uncles and aunts to visit too. With two generations of books to read, he developed a lifelong love for the English language and an admiration for great storytellers.

An engineer by training, he has a solid understanding of science and technology and, as a manager, a good grasp of the human mind, its frailties, motivations, and oddities. He dawdles in astronomy, archaeology, and the unexplained mysteries of the universe, continuing to be fascinated both by classic and modern science fiction.

This novel weaves in many actual scientific developments, such as the Chicxulub meteor, a few popular rumors, such as the chronoscope, as well as novel concepts on time travel without botching up different timelines.

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