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Michael Shingleton


Michael Shingleton
Golf self-help author


Michael Shingleton has been a bartender, a broker, a bookie, and a bill collector and that is only the “Bs”. Another “B” in his career is that of Investment Banker. A misnomer, Michael’s role was selling fixed income securities from small banks, to insurance companies to financial elephants like Harvard Management and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Michael shares a 2600 year old technique for finding peace in this crazy, hectic beautiful world. Michael calls this practice “The Now Sound”, as it is the sound of your breath and brings you away from the stress of the past and the future and into this moment.

Michael also shares his daily practice of self-inquiry. This self-inquiry is the aggregate of Ramana Maharshi’s book, Nan Yar?, Byron Katie’s and Martin Birrittella’s Without This Thought Who Am I? Michael provides knowledge-based, self-inquiry tools which can be utilized whenever a pain-body thought occurs.

Michael shares an application of the Now Sound, “Yoga Nidra” (the yoga of sleep) on YouTube.

Michael's books at The Indie Book Store