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Mark Hijar


Mark Hijar
Science fiction author


Mark Hijar doesn’t really care if you know much about him.

He didn’t even want to put his name on these books.


Because who really cares? Read the books. Enjoy them. You don’t need to know about the author to do that.

For all you know, Dashiell Hammett was three really smart toddlers standing on each other’s shoulders in an old-timey overcoat.

But if you must know, here are some somewhat interesting facts about the author:

* Marine Corps brat (Mom was a high school math teacher) who didn’t serve because the cosmos thought it would be funny to give him Type 1 Diabetes when he was 15.

* Comic book and sci-fi geek from way back. He used to have an encyclopedic knowledge of X-Men comics before Google made that redundant.

* BA in English Lit from James Madison University, JD from Temple.

* Used to kickbox as an amateur and held a brown sash in Tien Shan Pai kung fu. It’s been 20 years, so please don’t ask him to show you any sweet moves. He may hurt himself.

* Owns a small consulting firm that helps defense contractors pass audits conducted by the Department of Defense. Yes, it’s as glamorous as it sounds.

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