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Jason Roche


Jason Roche
Thriller author


I wanted to explore the idea of what Boybands had become in the 2020s and how their image had evolved from the early noughties’ heyday. I also wanted to tell a story from a female perspective, one impacted by a Boyband, so what better mechanism than to write the conclusion of the trilogy in the first person from the perspective of a woman dating a member of a Boyband. I really had such fun with this perspective, with a new level of writing, expression and narrative freedom that could introduce a coterie of unique female characters and modern Boybands.

How NOT to Murder a Boyband is the continuation of How to Murder a Boyband, a contemporary story for the modern generation, but on steroids. I have amped up the ante, scale, consequences and outlandishness, resulting in a novel that is not only oodles of fun to read but equally epitomises a hard-hitting message about societal gender injustices and the ramifications of symbolic retribution. No reader should ever be the same after reading How NOT to Murder a Boyband and the optimistic intention was that this novel becomes the line in the sand for a generation and blueprint for the way the world should be moving.

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