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John Waring


John Waring
Author of historical fantasy


John Waring was born the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England in 1966.

‘Vessels’ began as a desperate attempt to get his dissertation completed for his ceramics degree and wrote a story about a clay vessel that changes hands and uses over its very long life. He got a good mark and his Head of Course commented that ‘Moveable frameworks are a feast!’…he still has no idea what he meant by that! Then John began wondering about the vessels as people, born and re-born over millennia…

Apart from reading and writing, John is a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, prog rock band Yes and post-punk group The Fall. He still paints and makes raku-fired pottery and can often be found playing drums and providing backing vocals for cowpoke/punkry and western trio, Mule.

He teaches and lives in Kent with his wife, two boys and Ripley the dog.

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