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Dr Rob Bell


Dr Rob Bell
Sport psychology coach, author, and speaker


Dr Rob Bell is a noted sport psychology coach, author, and speaker. He has spoken to the NFL, PGA, Marriott, and Walgreens, and has written 8 books on Mental Toughness.

• Rob has worked with 3 different winners on the PGA Tour and has served as the mental coach for University of Notre Dame, Indy Eleven, an Indy 500 champion, an Olympic Silver medalist, a grand slam tennis champion, and the USTA National Champion.

• Dr. Bell has caddied over 20+ events on the PGA & LPGA Tours. He’s an ironman, completed several ultra marathons and a 100-mile trail run.

• He hosts the Mental Toughness Podcast With Dr. Rob Bell and interviews experts on mental heath, mental toughness, and their Hinge moments.

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