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Warren Laine-Naida


Warren Laine-Naida
Online marketing expert and author


Warren uses his vast life and work experience — from the kitchen to the studio, the agency to the classroom — for our collective benefit.

His website design (he is a practitioner and a teacher) is inspired by his background as a sculptor. To say he loves chocolate is an understatement.

Warren enjoys teaching small business owners how to be successful online — by tapping into their creativity.

Art and Digital are spaces that should be both inclusive and accessible. This influences Warren’s entire philosophy.

Along with his book, “Art in Chocolate,” a collection of recipes, chocolate sculptures, and short stories, Warren brings us two novels: “The University Club” and the sequel, “Not Now, Katrin”. The third part of this series, “A Wrinkle in the Glass” is also now available. His latest novel is “Like So Many Pearls Before a Swine.”

Warren released “Digital Thinking” in 2020, followed that with “Digital Thinking v2.0” in 2022, and a three-book series written together with Bridget Willard. “The Online Marketing Book You Need” series’ first book for Small Businesses (updated in 2023), was followed by a book for Nonprofits. The third book in the series, for Schools, was released in January 2022.

Warren has published his latest books “SEO All You Need to Know”, to help beginners with their Search Engine Optimisation (available in English and German), and “Digital Skills for Smart Seniors” to assist senior citizens with their digital empowerment.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter at @WarrenLNaida and check out his websites at and

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