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Lyric Hawkins


Lyric Hawkins
True crime author


Lyric Nino Nasir Hawkins, hailing from SouthSide Jamaica Queens New York, is a Multi-Talented Lyricist, Performer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, and Author of a new creative autobiography non-fiction memoir, of organized crime, that will enlighten and spark the intellect of young minds –ROTT3N~$~APPLE: “From Thug 2 Wall Street” BL3$$3D & H8’D!

Lyric has been a lifelong poetry writer and lyrical performer who has opened shows for a multitude of music industry artists.
As a Professional Information Technology Security Engineer who has truly walked the paths of his character, Lyric has spent the last decade researching data for his work of art.

A highly intellectually intelligent individual with an urban upbringing striving to always be a better version of himself. A financial hustler by nature, who knows the power of the dollar!

Able to open-up a can of whoop-Ass at a second’s notice!
An individual with hood-tactics and street-smarts eager to survive the ghetto by any means necessary…


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True Crime