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KT McGivens


KT McGivens
Award-winning poet and cozy mystery author


KT McGivens is best known as an award-winning poet and her poems have been published in newspapers, community publications, and anthologies. She has written six books of poetry. An anthology of her best poems, titled “Dimming the House Lights,” is available on Amazon.

Ms. McGivens has now ventured into the world of mystery novels and has begun writing a series featuring her character, Katie Porter. Her mysteries, set in 1947, are appropriate for readers of all ages and focus on strong female characters, problem solving skills, trusted friendships, and tenacity, a formula she learned from growing up reading the Nancy Drew Mysteries.

The entire Katie Porter Mystery series is available on Amazon and new books are added frequently!

KT McGivens has a Bachelor Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. She lives in Florida.

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