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Lorenzo Buford


Lorenzo Buford
Playright, poet and fiction writer


Lorenzo Buford describes his work as “Biomythography.” He has written 48 books of poetry and fiction. His current project “The Monstrous Soul Literary Series is a six part series that will feature poetry, fiction, plays, two musicals, film scripts. His abstract paintings will be included in his poetry books and covers.

Buford is currently releasing “The Monstrous Soul Literary Series that is a six part series. Part Two is currently available and consist of eight books. “Eye of the Machine” is a three book series about the Dark Night of the Soul. “The Mind Walker Dairies” is a twelve book series from poetry he wrote every day in 2012. “The Harbinger Poetry Series” is an eight book series dealing with mysticism, the occult, colonization of people and the mind. “The Monstrous Soul Literary Series deals with the black gay lifestyle, the mythology of the Fallen Daughter, Gnostic themes and experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul, the imprint of slave mentality in modern man and colonization. His other books follow the same themes.

Buford is an accomplished playwright, poet, fiction writer and singer/songwriter.

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