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Chris Husband


Chris Husband
Children's author


Chris came to this Author lark pretty late in life, but they do say that everyone has a book in them waiting to get out. Well one of his has got out! And I doubt it will be the last.

He is 60 year old Northern (England) guy who has a love of poetry, especially the ones that make you smile or laugh or feel something.

He has a fantastic children’s picture book called “My Magical Bearded Friend” available now to purchase. Please check this out, your kids will love it!

Please have a look at his website – – where you will find links to all his books and a few videos of him reading some of the poems.

Those books are:

– My Magical Bearded Friend (Children’s picture book)
– Good Morning Mr. Magpie (Children’s picture book)
– Chips for Tea and other 10-minute Tweets (Poetry collection)
– Food for Thought (Poetry collection)

James's books at The Indie Book Store