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Jack Finn


Jack Finn
Horror author


Jack Finn is a folklore, horror, & fantasy author living in the PNW. He is a life long believer that the Tooth Fairy is proof that body parts can be traded for cold hard cash.

The dark and mysterious places that inhabit the forests, mountains, and waters of the world are the last vestiges of our ancient past. They herald a time when creatures, some hideously dark and others beautifully magical, walked the earth freely alongside men, dwarves, elves, and fae. Some exist today only in legend or tales of valor- remembered only by the ancient trees. Our world is built upon the shattered bones of theirs. Yet some tales, or even the creatures themselves, still breakthrough into our world, like blades of grass through the cracks in a road. Their stories, whether filled with magic or malice, great deeds or horrific deaths, valiant heroes or hideous beasts, will all be found here as the trees tell them to me.

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