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Blooregard Q


Blooregard Q
Lesbian erotica author


The point of a biography is to get to know the author, unfortunately, due to the nature of some of my stories, it’s better for me to remain a big mystery. So alas, no official introduction, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share a bit of information about how I got here.

I started writing as a hobby, and I continue to do so to this day. I write whenever I get a chance to outside of my dayjob, meaning mostly in weekends or evenings. I like writing fantasy, fiction, erotic and young-adult stories. Aside from writing, I enjoy spending my free time with my wife and my two dogs.

The first story I ever wrote was a fanfiction story for the Naruto fanbase per request. It was called “A Ninja Must See Underneath the Underneath.”. It published in 2016 on, and it was a bit of a silly sidehobby back then. Soon enough I hit a mark of 100,000 readers, which made me decide to start writing fiction with my own characters. Which is how ‘The Story of Nora Addison’ came to be. Originally published on Wattpad for free, it soon hit a mark of 50K readers, after which I decided to sell it via Amazon Direct Publishing.

Currently (December 2022), I am working on a ‘romance’ story about a non-binary young adult named Jess.

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