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Karen Martin


Karen Martin
Author of historical fiction


Karen is an acclaimed indie author living in regional Victoria, Australia. She once ran away with the circus, created plays in prisons, and strived for transformational theatre experiences. She received awards for her work, and funding to travel to write in situ. She learned to listen when the muses whisper in her ear. She has contributed to several non-fiction books: The Women’s Circus: Leaping the Wire, and Women in Theatre: Ewa Czajor Memorial Award Recipients, and received a Local History Award for the writing and publication of two booklets on her award-winning production of The Women’s Jail Project.

Karen’s debut novel Dancing the Labyrinth was written while living in Crete. The Greek translation is traditionally published by Radamanthys Publications. The English version is published through KazJoyPress. The Bringer of Happiness is her second novel inspired from the Languedoc folklore of Mary Magdalene.

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