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J Dalton


J Dalton
Science fiction author


In August of 2016, I was diagnosed with CML Leukemia. Afraid that this might be my curtain call, I wanted to leave my grand children something to remember me by, so I wrote a little scifi story called The Gates to the Galaxies.

I had never written anything more than a note or letter to someone before this, and the chemo pills I was taking made me very weak, but I found a lot of joy in writing.

That clinched it for me. I liked telling stories and decided to write a book just for me.

A Return to the Gates began the Saga of the Ones, a multi part series about a newly discovered race living inside a Dyson sphere, that needed human blood to survive. Things could have ended there but the foolish humans revived the Master who had been in stasis for centuries.

The Master was back, and he had a plan. A plan to eliminate the human race.

My love for Sci-fi goes back to the early years of Star Trek, but I have a lot of different ideas than what you will normally see in most Sci-fi books. I don’t use warp drives for my ships, but instead use folded space technology and dark energy.

Although The Gates to the Galaxies was written for my grand children, I think anyone who likes Sci-fi will enjoy the Saga of the Ones series

For your information, I have been cancer free since June of 2017 thanks to a great Oncologist, fantastic drugs and a very good insurance policy.

If you enjoy my books, I would love to get your feedback either from a review or feel free to email me at

Here’s hoping you enjoy my books and Live long and prosper.

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