David Duffy


David Duffy
Young Adult author


David Duffy was born in a British Army camp in 1980’s Germany; he has lived most of his life in Scotland.

As one of 6 children, his childhood was never dull. This busy upbringing and range of personalities help shape the imagination and sense of wonder that enabled David to birth such fantastical ideas as his first book, Tales Of The Hiole.

His vivid imagination and zest for creativity helped turn what started out as a bedtime story for his daughter into his first published work. A self-proclaimed ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, David had always enjoyed story-telling and entertaining. Whether as a child volunteering with his Grandmother for Riding for the disabled association, or as an adult working 12 hour shifts in the kitchens, he always found a way to entertain and make people laugh.

Despite his outward and fun-loving personality, he would describe himself more as an avid introvert than anything else. It wasn’t until after his daughter was born that David realised how much joy and imagination his stories sparked in people. This realisation and a little emotional blackmail from his daughter, led him to take the leap to becoming a published author.

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