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Petro Kempen


Petro Kempen
Author of self-help books


Standing at the crossroads of science and creativity, I have found myself navigating the intricate and often formidable landscapes of pharmacy and literature throughout my life.

Born and raised in a close-knit community where the rich and evocative language of Afrikaans permeated my very being, I discovered a sanctuary and a means of self-expression within the realm of the written word.

Years ago, I found my voice through a collection of Afrikaans poems, published under my maiden name, Petro Kempen. My life’s journey, both personal and professional, has been formed by the union of my scientific expertise, unwavering love for literature, and a determination to leave a positive imprint on the lives of those around me. The choice to delve into the world of pharmacy, rather than immersing myself solely in the literary arts, presented its own set of challenges. However, it was through this academic odyssey that my perspective on health and wellness was ultimately moulded.

Roughly a year ago, I embarked on an ambitious endeavor to aid clients in shedding excess weight by using my pharmaceutical knowledge and research abilities. I unveiled a portion of my initial findings in the book “The Elephant in the Room: Why Are We Still Obese?” and intend to delve deeper into the subject with a more comprehensive publication in the future.

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