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Alasdair Kent


Alasdair Kent
Author of erotic humor


Alasdair Kent is a software consultant from Ontario, Canada. He’s been an avid reader and writer of erotica since the 1990s, and was always surprised to hear that men supposedly don’t read erotic fiction. But a large proportion of the contributors to sites like are men! Yet it’s true that most commercial erotica is written by and aimed squarely at women. The little that is for straight men tends to be unsophisticated, unimaginative, and short.

Alasdair’s ideal sexy romance story involved two young people who meet as strangers in an intimate situation, who overcome barriers and problems, and who end up living happily-ever-after, with lots of hot sex and plenty of humor along the way. Even better, it should be medically-themed. And why not throw a Roman god in there too? It turns out no one had written that specific book yet, so Alasdair decided to try it himself.

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