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Mathew Bridle


Mathew Bridle
Science fiction author


Writing has grown from a hobby to a passion, whether that is fantasy, history, screenplays or novels, so long as it is writing. He has a love of writing challenges, to be given a set of words and a random topic and 10 minutes to get started. He is a true believer that there is no such thing as writer’s block, after all, no one has talker’s block. So long as you have something to say then you have something to write; even if it is just jibber-jabber, isn’t that what the best blogs are made of?

Among his friends, Eric C. Williams a noted sci-fi author from the 1960s and ’70s helped to shape his writing with his depth of knowledge and story-crafting skills. Other writers too, from his local writing circle, helped to guide and structure his language and worlds. Without these valuable inputs, he would not have the skill he possesses today.

Currently, he is working on fantasy prequal: The Tryst, and a PhD in creative writing, a study of the use of fiction in the treatment of mental health.

As Mathew likes to say, “As long as there are words, there is always something to write.”

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