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David Ek


David Ek
Multi-genre author


David Ek has a Master of Science degree in geoscience. He held a successful and award-winning career with the National Park Service, where he led science and natural resources teams throughout the country. During these local, regional, and national resource challenges, David wrote extensively for science and management audiences and the general public.

On the literary side, David writes both fiction and nonfiction. Editors for literary journals have found his writing “strong” with “much to admire.” His short stories have appeared in Canary, “a literary journal of the environmental crisis” and Weber: The Contemporary West. Publishers are currently reviewing his various book-length manuscripts.

When not sciencing and writing, David has been an active rock and mountain climber, caver, and explorer of the American wilds. He is currently a member of the Virginia Writers Club and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.

A native of Seattle, Washington, David has lived and traveled extensively across the country throughout his accumulated years. He currently lives with his wife, children, cat, and dogs in rural northern Virginia.

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