Awen Rising

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A reluctant Druid princess must save Humanity from evil Reptilians.

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Author:O. J. Barré

A secret society of Druids.

An ancient Reptilian foe.

Earth teeters in the balance.

Bankrupt and broken, Emily Hester is in dire need of a safe place to hide. But when her long-lost Druid family tracks Emily down and offers her haven, she balks at the “Must Save Earth” clause.

Thinking life couldn’t possibly get any worse, Emily smacks into her witchy stalker. She flees the scene but now has only one option. Emily must accept the Druids’ proposition—despite its blatantly outrageous terms.

At their headquarters in Atlanta, Emily learns several shocking secrets. She was kidnapped by the mother who raised her on the run. Her real father and his Druid followers believe Emily is Earth’s only hope. And a dark, forgotten foe lurks beneath Humanity’s feet.

As these Reptilians engineer a plan to breach Earth’s unsuspecting borders, Emily desperately seeks to unleash the powers the Druids swear she possesses. But, can a sexy druid priest, his teenage nephew, and their animal Elders tilt the odds in Emily’s favor?

Find out in Awen Rising, the first book in the Awen Trilogy. If you like compelling stories with a strong but believable female lead, quirky sidekicks, and worthy adversaries, read Barré’s breakout urban fantasy. Or better yet, grab the whole series!

Note from the Author:

This is a fun read suitable for young adults on up. In these pages, you will find a spattering of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, along with some crude language and a bit of violence, though none gratuitous. PLEASE ENJOY!


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