Dance Me a Revolution

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Rosa fails spectacularly in her attempt to start the promised Inca revolution, yet struggles still to change the world of her family, her village, and the trekkers.

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Author:Marsha Mildon

Set in the lofty Andes mountains, Dance Me a Revolution follows tour guide Rosa Amaru as she struggles to reconcile her intense longing for the revolution that could return the Incas to power with the reality of Peruvian life for Andean peasants in the 1970/80s.

While still a captive of her troubled past, she must lead Canadian videographer Kelly Davis and American coastguard Tony Comeau through the wild beauty of her colonized homeland for her family’s tour company.

But this is to be no popular tourist trek to Machu Picchu—instead it threatens to destroy Rosa, her family, and the trekkers’ lives, as together they dance their way through a world of shifting morals and identities.

Alternating between Rosa’s devastating memories and the eight days of the trek, this novel explores one woman’s experience of trying to change her world and the effects of her revolutionary zeal on the people around her.

Prize Winner in Grindstone International Literary Contest 2021.


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