Dawn from Midnight

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A powerful and epic, emotional vampire-human love story with a surprising, sci-fi, dystopian twist.

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Author:Elizabeth Montaño

He knew the risk it would present to the rest of his family to whisk Lyssa from the hospital and change her. Even knowing that, though, how could he be expected to sit back and do nothing when any moment could be the last chance he would have to save her?

He was frightened. He was hurting. He was angry, damn it! He was so livid at whatever had first been set in motion to cause this darling girl to hover on a razor’s edge of life and death that he wanted to smash his fist through the wall. He was even angry at Vassur for wanting to wait while he tried unsuccessfully to make an absurd plan become reality. When would his father see it just wasn’t going to happen? At least not in time for it to matter. He was angry at himself for not simply taking matters into his own hands.

Two Worlds, Three Hearts, One Love. Against all odds, Deven, an immortal from another planet and Lyssa, a human girl, fall into a love that spans the ages. Theirs is the kind of love in which fairy tales are born and legends are made. But then, tragedy strikes. While he was never human, can he, in a race against time to save her life, retain his humanity in an effort to preserve hers?


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