Manuela and Louie- The Riddle about Good and Bad

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A girl walks the path of realizing who is her Twin Flame, with the help of Angels and God.

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Author:Tina Palosevic

I had translated my new novel to English and is out now on Amazon, iTunes, BookRix, Smashwords and other stores. Manuela and Louie- The Riddle about Good and Bad is a novel about true love, effort, change of human consciousness and what awaits us in the future. Manuela and Louie are Twin Flames who came here, along with others, to enable that change. The tree of the good and evil writer used to describe the pattern between good and evil, as well as the fact that evil has no place in the new world, just love.

Manuela and Louie – The Riddle about Good and Bad is a story about a fresh view of the world, the evolution of the human world, as well as true love that is possible in that new world. Well, although we do not yet recognize all these changes, special souls, Twin Flames exist, and they came to this world to reveal to humans new and quality ways in which love can be realized. Such a pair of souls are both Manuela and Louie, who love each other with divine love, even though they live their lives separated from each other. The old thought about the tree of good and evil, about the relationship between good and evil and how the happiness of new-age humans and true love is possible only without evil and negative, the writer elaborates throughout this novel.

The love of Manuela and Louis is the same as in Paradise on Earth. Even though Manuela goes through great sufferings, illusions and doubts whom she should love, her Louie or Ognyen, who may be closer to her in character, but wrong for her, she eventually finds a way out and decides that she can only love her true love and live with a sincere heart. Angels, Archangels and God lead her on that path, as well as her soul Ena, and her Guardian Angel, Brilliant, Billy. This novel awakens the imagination and gives a new picture of the world, a picture of our future when love will be the most important motive of the human and when goodwill rule in the human world. When will our world become as harmonious and happy as in Paradise on Earth? This novel answers some of these questions.

In short, the novel is about True Love, Twin Flames, New-Age Thinking, Politics, Religion. Those are the main topics of this novel. But foremost it teaches us how to enter into the Fifth-Dimension and the New age with the help of Angels and God.


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