Find Another Hero – Just Make Sure He Can Dance

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The final ride in the “Crew” series and a bit of melon and gonad squeezing with an anatomy lesson you won’t forget.

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Author:Annie Mick

Who struts into a funeral playing music at full volume?
Who dances like nobody’s watching?
Sassy, bold, beautiful, and the perfect sum of crazy.
She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.
Who is she? She’s my Sherrie.
She just doesn’t know she’s mine…yet.

We’ve all heard the saying “life gets messy.”
Meet the housekeeper. That would be me.
Nobody knows just how messy my life is.
And Nate Gordon would only make it messier.

Sherrie and Nate take you on a ride with a bit of melon and gonad squeezing, an anatomy lesson, and the perfect limericks dedicated to the men in these ladies’ lives. A guaranteed HEA to warm your heart and tickle your…fancy.

Find Another Hero is the third and last in “The Crew” series. While able to be read as a standalone, it is highly recommended it be read after Run To Me and Wicked Lemonade in order to relate to and experience all the ups and downs these ladies have to offer.


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