Letting Go For Love

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All Dot ever wanted was to be a good mom, but can she also be in love?

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Author:Kris Francoeur

Dot Murphy is not living the life she had planned.

Married at eighteen to her first love, her life had seemed perfect until the only man she had ever loved was killed in a tragic car accident, leaving her alone to raise their two young boys.

Years later, Dot meets the one man to get under her skin emotionally and hormonally, Sebastian Boone. Boone falls hard for the auburn-haired mom and artist, but she is hesitant to do anything that will take her total focus off her boys.

Can Dot trust Boone enough to allow him to fully be part of her world? Can she love him, body and soul, and still be the mom she wants to be? Is their love strong enough to survive?


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