Stronger Together

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A domestic violence survivor and a disabled veteran have to learn to trust themselves and each other.

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Author:Andrea Green

Susie Quinn is intimately acquainted with how badly the American Dream can go wrong. Matt was supposed to be the love of her life. He was supposed to love her, take care of her. That wasn’t the man she got. She didn’t get the American Dream. What she got was a controlling, abusive stranger. Left to adjust to life in a wheelchair, she creates a business to help people like herself. The only problem is she doesn’t trust her heart.

Kent Taggart is a wounded veteran carrying a world of guilt. He came home with life-changing injuries, as well as PTSD and Survivor’s Guilt. He no longer trusts himself. Kent blames himself for not saving his squad and for coming home. The guilt is too much for him to carry alone, but he doesn’t believe that he’s worthy of anyone’s love.

Susie and Kent have to learn to trust themselves and each other if their love will have a chance of being forever.


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