Hidden Magic: The Eldritch of Hallows

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In Hidden Magic, a young woman on the run makes an erotic bargain with a sexy sheriff when danger follows her to a mysterious hidden village full of magical beings.

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Author:Elana McDougall

A woman on the run from an abusive ex fiancé struggles with mysteries from her own past and her attraction to a sexy sheriff.

When Sasha’s car breaks down outside the remote village of Hallows, N.C., she realizes that the picturesque hamlet with its lack of modern technology is the perfect spot to hide.

Yet Sasha isn’t the only person hiding in Hallows. For hundreds of years, the town has been a sanctuary for the Eldritch, supernatural peoples who feel threatened by her presence. Jake Wulfrick, the local sheriff, is determined to protect the woman he feels drawn to but when danger strikes, his own supernatural secrets will be revealed.


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