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A passionate, explicit and tender love story based on real events and set in an exotic south-sea island location.

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Author:Lexie Mueller

JESSIE is a novel, based on real events. It is set on an island in the South Pacific and is the story of two women (Jackie and Jessie), friends and former lovers, and a man (Ira), husband now to Jackie, but, in years past, Jessie’s lover as well.

The central narrative charts the prior relationship of Ira and Jessie: how, what started casually as a partner swap, develops into a passionate affair with the lovers meeting secretly against the wishes of Jessie’s husband (Ken), and describes, in vivid detail, how, in the months and years that follow, their passion for each other steadily grows, its intensity still undiminished when their relationship comes to an unexpected, and, for Ira, shattering end.

JESSIE is possibly the raunchiest book you’ll ever read. It contains very strong language and many scenes of a sexual nature, both heterosexual and lesbian. These sexually explicit scenes account for around fifty percent of the book’s content. However, the sex is for the most part, slow, tender and romantic, so if you prefer the ‘Slam bam thank you mam’ variety, you are not going to like this book.

7 reviews for Jessie

  1. Jupiter Grant

    With his marriage in decline, and with his wife Deborah’s consent to a non-monogamous relationship, Ira embarks on an affair with Jess, Deborah’s best friend. What follows is an erotic, tender and beautiful story of the lifespan of their love affair.

    Within a couple of chapters of “Jessie: An Erotic Romance” I was in love, both with Ira and Jess, and with Lexie Mueller’s exquisite prose. The story is heavy on erotic sex scenes, but each is told with originality and sensual beauty. As an erotic writer myself, I marvel at Lexie Mueller’s ability to craft multiple sex scenes whilst making each encounter feel unique.

    This novel captures the subtlety and simplicity along with the heart-rending agony of love, sex and relationships.

    I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. Having just finished it, I already want to delve into it again. It is beautifully written, superbly sensual, and it tells a realistic tale that is at once beautifully simple and heart-breakingly complicated.

    Stunning. (*****)

  2. Amazon Customer

    A very sexy and erotic tale of love.

    Reviewed in Australia: 5 Stars

    Each chapter features the most sensual and descriptive sex scenes that will leave you panting. The story is one of love and fits effortlessly into the flow of the novel without detracting from the erotica.
    It is the kind of book that you read in bed when you have some time alone, or better yet read to your partner.

    Lexie writes beautifully. I highly recommend this on your kindle. (*****)

  3. Lexie mueller

    JESSIE is a must read! The storyline kept me interested till the end. I really enjoyed following the character’s lives and looked forward reading till the end!
    (Reviewed by Liz Hesselman, USA 2018)

  4. Lexie mueller

    The sex is about 75% of this romance but it is mostly loving eroticism and not dirty and not smutty. It is a real love story only more genuinely related than we are accustomed to.
    (Excerpted from a review by Charles Smith USA, viewable on Amazon)

  5. Lexie mueller

    Hot as Hades! An invigorating read that captures your attention keeping you glued throughout as the sinfully hot chemistry sends your fingers into overdrive heating up the pages and keeping you nice and uncomfortable on the edge of your seat! A captivating storyline that is passion filled, intense, exciting, enjoyable, engrossing twists and leaves needing more! A sexy steam filled must read!

  6. Lexie mueller

    Attractive and introspective, this romance asks a few questions and is a solid read. The author does a great job with characters and plot. I highly recommend checking out this unusual romance.
    (Excerpt from a review by Nella M USA 2018, viewable on Amazon)

  7. Lexie mueller

    This is an intoxicating book. The sex scenes are explicit, with a dream like quality to them. The characters are real people with real feelings and frustrations.
    (Excerpt from a review by Nerdy Despina, USA 2018, viewable on Amazon)

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