The Sea Ghost

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A wealthy young English woman finds love, adventure, and treachery as she travels by sea to save her cantina from Spanish rebels.

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Author:Helen Huntley

Judith Adams is traveling on one of her own merchant ships, heading for Cadiz, Spain from London, England.

The cantina she owns in Cadiz, has been taken over by rebels and some of her workers are being held hostage. Her only thought is to try to save them.

When her ship is attacked by the infamous pirate they call, The Sea Ghost, she employs him and his crew to help her against the rebels.

He is more than willing to help her since he is captivated by her from the beginning. She has no idea that Lennox Cantor her childhood sweetheart has set a trap for her. He is waiting, filled with malice, thoughts of torture and revenge for her rejection of him. Filled with anger and impatience, he has already been thwarted and outmanuevered by the Sea Ghost as he tried to reach Cadiz. Lennox doesn’t know Judith has hired this same pirate to help her.

How will Lennox respond when he finds out that not only has the Sea Ghost destroyed his plans and taken everything he has, but he has also taken his woman?

“The Sea Ghost” is an action, adventure, romance, with a host of fascinating characters, set in early nineteenth century.


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