Tomorrow and Yesterday

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Delaney’s secret is always hiding just out of sight, and it may destroy her happiness.

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Author:Kris Francoeur

The air was so cold, it was hard for her to breathe. Who was she kidding?

It could have been a balmy, sunny day, and she still would have felt the clogging tightness of her throat, air barely able to get through to her lungs…Delaney Adams isn’t hiding from her past. She doesn’t have a past, at least as far as anyone currently in her life knows. She has a great job, a small but supportive group of friends, and absolutely no romantic life at all. Her life is just the way she wants it.

When she meets artist James McDaniels, she is caught between her attraction to him, her distrust of men, and the fear that he will reject her if he ever learns who she really is. But her past secretly stalks Delaney, and eventually it catches up to her. When it all explodes into her current life, they have to figure out what to do.


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