Uncommon Ground

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With time running out, Dale Sommers and his collection of misfit friends must band together to save their home from being seized by a coalition of corrupt politicians and ruthless gangsters.

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Author:Robert Schuetz


That was the battle cry of Sommers and his unusual group of friends as they struggled to preserve the natural beauty and retain the quiet comforts of life on Lake Victoria. But, with time running out, would they be able to overcome crooked cops, greedy lawyers, and violent gangsters? Dale Sommers came pre-programmed, raised to be a defender. Lake Victoria was like no other place on earth; he believed it was his duty to protect her. The only place he’d ever called home, Sommers promised to safeguard the lake at all costs. A solitary mountain of a man with a mysterious past, it would take Dale’s supreme strength to repel unscrupulous invaders and conquer his unforgiving inner demons.

Claimed in the late 1800s by homesteaders for less than the price of a caffe latte, the coveted waterfront property accounted for three-quarters of Lake Victoria’s pristine shoreline, eight hundred acres passed down through four generations. With a current valuation of more than one hundred million dollars, the stakes had become so high; no one close to Sommers appeared to be safe from injury or even death.

A power-hungry U. S. Senator, backed by a corrupt sheriff, a team of shady lawyers, and a Native American crime syndicate, set her sights on snatching this crystal-clear sapphire in the rough, and no price would be too high. But ultimately, it would take a monumental team effort led by Sommers, an elderly squatter named Grumpy, and his loyal dog, Phelps, to save the day, and save the lake.

1 review for Uncommon Ground

  1. Terry

    Dale Sommers, a somewhat solitary Minnesota DNR officer struggles to protect his family’s homestead of four generations from a powerful land grab conspiracy. This compelling story takes place in the Minnesota lakes region and covers a time frame of mid-spring to the 4th of July. There are many characters involved, yet each is fully developed, every chapter is a reading experience, there are no meaningless pages. Conspiracy, bribery, kidnapping and murder, along with the rural countryside, small town America, amazing descriptions, the sun coming up over a foggy lake, the smell of cinnamon buns inside the country store, a dog’s cocked head as he listens to tall stories from his old master. The story has love, hate, defeat, and victory in it. You will also find family values, quality of life, a sprinkling of humor and romance, and finally redemption. If you are a fan of John Sanford or Craig Johnson, read this book!

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