Do Not Go Gently

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Winner of ‘Best Writing in a Blog’ at the 2012 Wales Blog Awards, Do Not Go Gently charts the remarkable and inspirational story of one family’s fight for survival.

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Author:Patric Morgan

“Beautiful. [His] observations as a family member are so insightful that I almost feel part of it.” L Hugglestone

“…a beautiful writer.” A Morgan

“It exudes love and warmth.” M Unwin

“So well written…it shows family relationships in all their beauty.” S Bradley

“I’m hooked! …..a fantastic writer. I’m in awe and I can’t wait to get five minutes to myself to catch up tomorrow.” C Thomas

“Inspiring and beautiful.” L Oatway

“Touching and brave.” Boyd Clack (actor and comedian)

“A beautiful, moving and personal account.” Dr D Dummett

“Amazing. I know exactly what you are going through.” Ruth Wignall (TV presenter)

“I’ve been sitting here reading your book in tears, but it’s a wonderful piece of work.” C Jones

“Fantastic.” Z Shirley-Smith

“I read your book tonight from start to finish in tears and in laughter. I couldn’t stop once I’d started. Such an emotive and passionate account and so beautifully written.” A Taylor

“Fantastic.” L Rae

“A gifted writer.” S Cross

“[A] touching blog on a family’s dealings with cancer. Moving and gripping, urging the reader not just to read more but to wish the family well as they’re welcomed into personal, humorous and character-rich details of the writer’s life.” Judges at the 2012 Wales Blog Awards

“Beautiful and descriptive and such a difficult subject.” K Allen

“Incredibly moving…you MUST read this wonderfully written book!” Ruthie Davies (Winner of ‘Best Blog in Wales’ and ‘Best Writing in a Blog’ 2010)

“More than a worthy winner of ‘Best Writing on a Blog’.” A Williams


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