Heart to Heart with Abagaba

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Celebrating conversations with children through life reflections.

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Author:Abigail Dominguez

Heart to Heart with Abagaba is a collection of short stories in honor of celebrating emerging conversations – children!

A former nanny and early education teacher reflect on life lessons as taught by children she once cared for.

The zest they had for life in expressing and informing her through simple daily interactions.

A delightful delivery of their pure narratives expressed through their language skills, cognitive abilities, emotional articulation, and more.

3 reviews for Heart to Heart with Abagaba

  1. Daniel Renteria

    Wonderful book, Abby tells an amazing story through a child’s point of view. She really shows you how beautiful a child’s mind is. Recommend for all parents and teachers to read.

  2. Brenda Smyth

    Delightful! Heartwarming! Insightful! In a very genuine way, Abby brings to life beautifully simple and sincerely the innocent light that shines through a child’s heart and soul. In a very artful way she captures the honesty of a child’s mind and applies it to her beautiful life. A good read, with meaning and purpose. A “mother heart” can relate to each written line.

  3. Dinorah A. Graham

    Insightful! A beautiful heart to heart book for parents, grandparents, teachers or any adult that has the privilege to be with precious children. As a mother I am grateful that there are wonderful women like Abigail Ekua Dominguez, who took time to observe and to listen the children’s innocent way of seeing their world and people around them. I love to read how Abby took the time to intentionally listen, to observe and to take part of the children’s world while they were under her responsibility. Heart to Heart with Abagaba can inspire mothers to take time to observe, to listen, to laugh, and to be part of their children’s lives. Grandparents, teachers, nannies or any adult that have the opportunity to spend time with a child can learn from Abby the beautiful way to capture children’s mind and heart.

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